13 May 2010

Torino Road Trip: Day 12

When you think of Torino, or Turin, what comes to mind? The Shroud? Fiat? Mazerati? Maybe the fine wines of the Piemonte region? Truffles? All of those are here, but there’s something else amazing, that would be among the last things I would have thought of when Torino is mentioned. Torino is the home of one of the world’s finest museums of Egyptian artifacts. I know.

Today we visited that museum, and it was exceptional. Some of these photos are a little blurry, because it was dark in the museum, and even with my ISO pumped up to 3200 I was hand holding the camera sometimes at ¼ of a second. Sometimes ½. On top of that, most of these things were under glass. But on the whole I don’t think you’ll mind.

There were a lot of mummies, maybe 12-15 all told, and I spent a long time studying them, trying to understand the people inside there. But I didn’t take any photos of them. It just seemed too personal, too invasive. These were people, after all, and it didn’t seem right to take photos of them. I got some nice shots of the sarcophagi, though.

There was an enormous room with monumental statues, some of which we know from photos. MY photos, however, were pretty poor because the light was very low in there.

This museum had a lot of information about how the Egyptians lived, and a lot of artifacts from their daily lives. I was fascinated by those, and kept trying to get some photos:

These were about the size of my finger, and were apparently toys.

My favorite one, though was this head of a little girl. I don’t know if it was a toy or a memorial or maybe just a portrait. In any case, it looks very human to me.

I have a TON more photos, but many are blurry and dull. When I get home with my big computer screen I’ll see if there are any that are salvageable.

Tomorrow we’re scheduled to see the shroud after school. I’m taking my camera!

To be continued


Barbara said...

Lovely, Kate.
Will they let you take photos of the shroud?? I wouldn't have thought so.
Are you having fun at school?

The Gypsy Chef said...

How did I miss this post? The photos are fascinating.
I was going through to find the link to the school for a friend. I think I'll just send the link to your blog! So much to do in Torino.