04 September 2009


Our bags are packed, we’re ready to go...

We’re off for two weeks in nearby Germany, to improve our German. We’ll be in Bamberg, taking German lessons in the mornings and photos in the afternoons. I have several posts saved and with luck they’ll show up while I’m gone, so come back! I don’t know yet about internet availability where we’ll be staying, but as soon as I can I’ll check in to read and answer your comments. So leave me some, ok?

And I hope you wish me a Bon Voyage in French, 'cause you can't say it in German without making me laugh. I'll tell you why another time.


Grace said...

have a wonderful trip, kate! we'll take care of your template whenever you get back into the swing of things. :)

eatlivetravelwrite said...

OH - not fair!! You can't leave us hanging like that.... ;-)

La Table De Nana said...

BON VOYAGE!!! Lucky you!! Have fun..take loads of photos..I love that about Europe.. country hopping is more a breeze than from here:)

I have that song in my head now..I love it!

Truly..have fun:)

freewrite7379 said...

you're so lucky! I went to Italy and Croatia this summer and I didn't want to come home (to RI in America). I wish I could live there, anywhere in Europe. Enjoy your trip and your lessons!

- Freewrite7379

Lizzy said...

Hope you have a great trip Kate! Sounds like a neat experience :-)

Anonymous said...

Have an amazing time! My husband speaks German, I wish I did too!

The Gypsy Chef said...

Bon Voyage! I love traveling around Europe. It's close and easy. Need a change of scene, take a train to the border. Enjoy!

Kate said...

Wow! Have a great trip. It has been my dream to go to Germany and work on genealogy. Someday I will get there! Enjoy!

Kate at Serendipity said...

Finally! A computer--but with a German if there are some letters misplaced here, you will know why!

Grace, thanks. We will do it when I get back. You are a dear to help with it.

ELTW, heh, heh. That way you will keep coming back (I hope).

can you tell that I can not find the apostrophe?

Monique, that song is alwayz in my head after I have packed my suitcase!

Freewrite, thanks--have you fixed your comments on your blog? Living in Europe is an adventure--if you check out the blog of Lizzie (just below your comment) you can read about some of the...ummmm... challenges of living abroad.

Traveleatlove, du kannst auch Deutsch sprechen!

Gypsy, that is what we do--we only have to drive 25 km to change countries. It is always interesting.

Kate, where in Germany is your family from?