03 October 2009


When we first met, Dan and I lived 1500 / 2500 km miles apart. When we saw each other, it was a special occasion. We didn't have much daily ordinary stuff together. We did that for eight months, then we got married and I moved to Washington. But during that eight months, I got something in the post every day from him. A letter, a post card, a clipping, a funny note, something every day. For us, it was one way to bring the daily ordinary stuff into our separated lives. We’ve been married for almost 20 years now, and we’ve had plenty of daily ordinary stuff. Somehow, though, the special spark has never left, and the love notes continue. Not in the post, but in small, special things. Here are some examples:

Every morning he brings me a cup of espresso in bed. He gets up and goes to the kitchen and makes it with an espresso machine we chose together. He brings me a steaming cup to help me wake up. It’s wonderful coffee: strong, fortifying, life-giving. Like love. It’s practically the only coffee I drink anymore. Nothing else can match it!

Dan is in Brussels today, all day. He took an early train and so we got up at 5:30. After my morning coffee, I went to my bathtub to soak while he had his breakfast and left for the train. When I came into the kitchen it was still dark in the house. Gleaming under the lights I found another love note:

My breakfast place set for me. Nestled inside the napkin ring were my vitamins.

Tell me about a love note you've received lately.


La Table De Nana said...

Your sweet post just brought tears to my eyes.The love note I received yesterday was from my daughter for my husband brought over by my son-in-law..My husband has not been well these past few days.. she has 3 little boys.. 4,2 and 3 weeks..she baked my husband a pumpkin pie..the edges were all pumpkin cut-outs and the pie was delicious.
It made my husband very happy.It made me very happy for him.
So a love note..indirectly:)

I love that you appreciate these gestures of kindness,caring and love your husband does for for you.
I am most certain .. you do sweet things for him also.May you continue all the days of your lives to appreciate each other.
Too cute..a nice start to my Saturday morning readings:)

Kathy said...

Oh Kate....the romance in a marriage is the strongest link binding two together that I've ever known...My heart was full reading your post today and soo happy for your oneness when so many others seem to be tearing each other apart in this world today... My most rescent love letter was a love letter... Yesterday my husband came up from dowstairs with a letter he found in a book he picked up to read. It was a letter from myself to him a few years back...titled " If I should die suddenly...these are the things I want your heart to know....4 pages of basically my love and adoration for him..we both read it again and cryed...I thank God for him every day. Bless you my friend...have the best Saturday! Espresso and all! xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Kate said...

I sit here with tears running down my face from your post and the comments...I am so sentimental. You are such a lucky woman to have such a loving husband.

I too am very fortunate, my husband is retired but each morning he gets up before me and brings me a large glass of water, a cup of coffee, and the newspaper. There is always an offer of making me breakfast and when I get home he has the dinner started. Those are routine everyday loving gestures.

I especially love the evening walks, the surprise Saturday trips and quietly reading together.

Sasha said...

Such a beautiful story, so romantic. I must say I almost shed a tear as I read this.

I wish you and your husband many, many more years of love and romance. God bless you guys : ]

Kate at Serendipity said...

Monique, that was a beautiful pie! What a sweet thing for her to do. I hope he's feeling better...

Kathy, I love your story. We sometimes find old letters and cards--they're wonderful memories of who we were and what we were thinking at that time. They're treasures.

Kate, you're right, it's the everyday loving gestures that mean so much to me. It's the day-in, day-out that is the stuff of real life. We like to take evening walks together too!

Sasha, thanks for your visit. I visited your blog--it's lovely!

Junglefrog said...

What a lovely story Kate! I do so agree with the little things that make a relation special... :) We've been together for 18 years, but in a lot of ways it still feels like we've just met...:)

Hungry Dog said...

What a lovely post! These are my favorite kinds of posts to read, they allow a little glimpse into someone's life. How lucky you are to have had such a long and happy marriage!

My recent love note came in the form of six macarons that the husband picked out just for me on the way home from work. That's a future post on the hungry dog...

Thank you for sharing this!