18 February 2010


I don’t know about you, but about this time of year I start to look for things that remind me of summer, of sunshine, of warmth. I start to pull out things that I put up or froze or saved during the summer.

One of the things that I save in the summer is blueberries. I love their intense color and the lovely flavor they bring to things. Also, they make my tongue blue, which is always a nice thing.

When they’re ripe and cheap, I buy a lot of them. I freeze them on a cookie sheet and then put them in ziploc bags in the freezer. Then, when the winter is entrenched, I pull them out and make this treat.

Today, for the first time, the air has that warm edge that presages springtime. We still have snow on the ground, but I can see patches of green (and mud brown) poking through. I long for warm sun, for ripe fruits, for blueberry weather. Also, I seem to have picked up a little bug and I want something that feels healthy and still lets me spoil myself.

Luckily, I have just the thing. Full of the goodness of blueberries with the added zip of yogurt, this is just what I wanted today. The photos were rushed because it was starting to melt and I wanted to get my blue tongue as soon as possible. Heh, heh. Charming.

Although this would make a perfect light dessert, I always think of it as a late morning snack, something for those days like today when my breakfast just doesn't stick with me. I’m almost embarrassed to write this as a recipe, it’s so easy. But you need to have this. You need to make this. So here it is:

Blueberry treat

1/2 cup plain yogurt

1/2 cup frozen blueberries

1 Tablespoon maple syrup

  • Put all ingredients in a small food processor or a blender and blitz.
  • That’s it. Enjoy!

Enough for one


  • I used lowfat yogurt because that’s what I have. I think this would be awesome with a greek yogurt.
  • I have a small food processor that I use for this. It’s easier to clean than the big one.
  • It probably doesn’t need the maple syrup, but I like that little earthy maple taste.
  • You might want to brush your teeth after you eat this, ‘cause while a blue tongue might be cute, blue teeth are...ummm...not.


La Table De Nana said...

Couldn't be easier! It does look like summer Kate~ Me too I am anxious~

zurin said...

gorgeous berries are actually red/purple when crushed ..I see ...very interesting...but u wld get a blue tongue n teeth! :D it looks so yummy !

Bob said...

For some reason I'm not a huge blueberry fan, but I bet that would be awesome with raspberries! It certainly looks good.

Hungry Dog said...

Kate, I do the same thing with blueberries--they freeze so well! This is a great idea for a little frozen treat. I'm going to try it. It's just so gorgeous, how could I not?!

ButterYum said...

Perfect timing... I was just thinking about having some blueberries with my lunch. I'll make this instead of a smoothie.

Thanks for the inspiration!


ButterYum said...

Hi Kate - thanks for you kind words. To answer your question... Yes, I think blueberries would be perfect in sorbet. I found a recipe at Will have to try it soon!


lostpastremembered said...

This is one of my favorite breakfasts!!! Where do you get maple syrup???

2 Stews said...

We had a balmy 42 degrees here today, and the way the light hit, I almost felt a hint of spring too...there is hope! This just looks cheery and delicious. Gotta have it. I was wondering also where you get maple syrup in Belgium.

Your pics are fab.

Feel better......Diane

The Dutch Baker's Daughter said...

Blueberries may very well be my favorite fruit. This looks really tasty! I'll put up with some blue lips/teeth/tongue to give it a try.

grace said...

that's it? that's all it takes to yield something so enticing and beautiful? awesome. i love having blueberries year-round--it's quite uplifting to pop a bag out of the freezer in the dead of winter and make a pie (or a creamy, rich creation such as this). :)

Ju (The Little Teochew) said...

100% happy food! Just look at that brilliant colour, Kate! I can't believe you get something like this for minimal effort.

Kate at Serendipity said...

Ju, I can't believe it either. It's too easy! But there you are--sometimes you win.

Diane, the maple syrup comes from Canadian friends. This particular little bottle came from Mardi at Eat, Live, Travel, Write. I just finished a big one from an artist friend who lives in New Brunswick. We can buy it here, but it's not the same grade... Sometimes we find it at Christmas markets too.

Bob, I think it would be amazing with raspberries. Or strawberries. Or blackberries.

Stella said...

Pretty photo at the bottom-looks so good and healthful. I'm planting some blueberry bushels in my Mom's front yard here in Georgia, so this idea will come in handy.

The Domestic Adventurer said...

Funny that you should mention cooking for reminders of spring. I just made a lemon cake for that very reason.

Linda said...

Gorgeous color...and this looks so delicious!
Simple is sometimes the very best!

tasteofbeirut said...

Love that dessert, such a pretty color! I am like you, I HATE grey skies and always use food to cheer me up! I made a citrus salad the other day and that did it, now I am thinking of something along the lines of what you just made !

Barbara said...

Blueberries are so good for us, Kate! This is such a smashing and simple treat. Can't wait to try it.
I may live in Florida but we have seasons too and I am definitely thinking of fruit desserts!

~~louise~~ said...

I LOVE freezing blueberries. I'm running low on my supply. I may just have to squeeze out a few from hiding for your delectable "treat." ooooo, maybe I'll make new yogurt first. YUM!!!

Pei-Lin@Dodol and Mochi said...

Hahaha ...! I know how you feel. I used to long for that warm, sunny feel of summer when I was in Northern Minnesota. (Winter lasts for a little over 6 months over there!! Scary!)

Loving your description of these cute little blueberries! I love them, too, especially in the classic blueberry muffins!! Your idea of a quick Super fruit fix really kick-starts the day! Thank you for sharing!

Silke said...

That gives me such a warm feeling. I start to long for summer so bad now!

Jane said...

Hi Kate, I have never frozen blueberries for the winter, but why the heck I haven't I don't know! I would love nothing more than to have some on hand this time of year. I must remember to freeze some this summer. Your treat looks completely refreshing, and the color is quite extraordinary. I agree that this looks like it must be a fine mid-morning snack!

:) Jane

My Carolina Kitchen said...

Both gorgeous and simple Kate. What more could one want. I'm a summer person myself so you know I'm ready for spring.

Junglefrog said...

Gorgeous colors Kate! I love blueberries too. Well I like almost all fruits so that is nothing new really but I love this gorgeous looking dessert

Kitchen Butterfly said...

Love maple syrup flavoured things.......and I love storing up berries for spring.

The Gypsy Chef said...

Beautiful pictures. Really, so beautiful. I really love the sound of this treat. How nice to use Mardi's maple syrup gift to such good use.
Love that post too!
Feel better my dear!

Mowie said...

Oh Kate! I do the same thing - at this time of year, I'm absolutely craving summer, so I scrounge around, looking for anything that reminds me of it. How funny!

Divina Pe said...

The color is stunningly beautiful. I am salivating right now.